The Lil’ Guy is a light-weight, compact flat surface cleaner just right for completing jobs in tight places. Utilizing the signature balanced and machined spray bar of all Whisper Wash® systems with a compact surface coverage area, the Lil’ Guy provides a highly efficient flat surface cleaner for use on walls and other tight places as commonly found in restaurants, public facilities, stairways, and stadiums. With a 13″ housing cover, it is built for maneuverability and cleaning power. The Lil Guy’s sturdy housing cover and heavy-duty nylon brush provide for smooth navigation across surfaces while maintaining a consistent pressurized spray.

The light weight floating cover of The Lil’ Guy is easy to maneuver within tight areas, while the industrial nylon grade brush confines the high pressure cleaning spray to the surface and not the operator or surrounding areas. With self lubricating twin thrust bearings providing high powered spray bar rotation, The Lil’ Guy is just right for high power cleaning within small areas.

The Lil’ Guy is perfect for the job that requires high pressure cleaning within tight confines. With a light-weight housing design and total weight of 10 Lbs. operating this cleaner is easy. Constructed with a high impact ABS plastic housing and a powder coated stainless steel handle, the Lil’ Guy is built tough.


  • 24″ Diameter Cover
  • Trigger Gun Control
  • Balanced & Machined Spray Bar
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Brush
  • Powder Coated Handle
  • 11 Lbs Total Weight
  • Hot or Cold Water Applications

Operating Specifications

2,000 - 4,000Up to 2124 - 10250013" Diameter11 Lbs
All machines are available with 3/8 hoses for users with high GPM