I bought a 24 inch ground force and it works great. But recently I bought a 24 inch “Lazer Deck” from Envirospec (which BE pressure supply makes). It was a huge let down, because they said in their ad that a 3 bar system would clean 40% faster and more efficiently than a typical 2 arm system. Well when I pulled it out of the box and put it together I started it up and it was shaking like a wet dog, come to find out that one of the bars was a half an inch out of plane from the others. Also the 3 bar system measured 9.5 from center to tip which when cleaning it only cleaned 20 inches in diameter and this was their 24 inch deck! After I straightened the 3 bar system I put your 2 tip 24inch ground force to the test with there 24 inch Lazer Deck and your ground force was just as fast as there 24 inch deck but with one exception. There 24 inch deck only cleaned 20 inches at a time and it left a huge area to wand. Can you guys let everyone know in the industry that Envirospec and BE pressure supply don’t know what they are doing when it comes to surface cleaners.

We have used one of our Whisper Washes 20 hours a week on and off for 5 years with little maintainance. I can’t believe this machine has been so consistent and reliable for so long. When I did have a slight problem with it, I emailed the company and got a phone call here in Jamaica minutes after I sent the email. That’s service!! We have looked at buying other units from other manufactures in the past but with a machine like this and service like that, why look anywhere else.

I accidently ran over my Classic with my truck! The cover did not break but the bars off the cover bent and the brush frame bent. I thought was done! With a little from a vise and some vice grips I was back in business. That was months ago and 15 or so driveways. Well built!!!

This unit works great we use it on all our courts and they come out looking new. This is the best thing we got.

I have a Ground Force surface cleaner that I use 8 hours per day, six days a week. It runs as smooth and quiet as the day I got it, which was 4 years ago. I’m doing 3 times the work in one day than I did just using the wand. I’m defintely spoiled

I have used several differnet types of flat surface cleaners in my time. Simply put “The Big Guy” – The best surface cleaner I have ever used.