The Whisper Wash® Maxima’s 36″ diameter aluminum cover provides maximum surface coverage. The four pivoting wheels allow the operator to easily guide the cleaner while the heavy duty nylon brush ensures that the high pressure spray is confined to the surface cleaning area and not the operator. Built tough, with our signature Professional Rotary Spray System, this heavy duty flat surface cleaner is perfect for large surface areas. Save time and money by putting the Maxima 36 to work for you. When your works done simply collapse the handle at the mid-section for easy transport & storage.

Collapsable at the mid-section and 36lbs total weight, the Whisper Wash® Maxima 36 is easy to use and provides powerful industrial flat surface cleaning results. The Maxima 36 comes with Whisper Wash®’s signature balanced spray bar and twin thrust bearing swivel design. Capable of running off of a 2000 – 4000 psi pressure washer, the Maxima 36’s heavy duty aluminum cover pivots on four wheels.

Ergonomically designed, the Maxima 36 eliminates operator fatigue and increases safety while covering the maximum surface area possible. With our signature Whisper Wash swivel & spray bar the Maxima 36 provides efficient cleaning without any zebra striping.

Whisper Wash® Maxima 36 Handle Construction

Just a quick connection away from your pressure washer, the Whisper Wash® Maxima handle is designed for comfort and convenience. The trigger gun, equipped with a safety lever, is securely fitted into the holder. Additionally, the quick disconnect mid-section easily comes apart so that you may conveniently transport and store the machine.

Whisper Wash® Maxima View Up Close

When you look closely at the Whisper Whisper Wash® Maxima you see the dedication to quality that adds to the success of your operation’s flat surface cleaning operation. The Classic incorporates a heavy duty nylon brush with a Xenoy housing to deliver longevity. Additionally, we use stainless steel plates and a signature designed pivoting bracket to connect to an industrial tough, aircraft grade, aluminum handle.

Operating Specifications

PSI2,000 - 4,000GPM4 - 10DIMENSIONSCover: 36” / Handle: 77”
All machines are available with 3/8 hoses for users with high GPM


  • Quick Connection
  • Portable Breakaway Handle
  • Balanced & Machined Spray Bar
  • Trigger Gun Controlled
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Cover
  • Hot or Cold Water Applications