Can you rebuild the swivel components of a Whisper Wash® Professional Rotary Spray System?

Yes! Unlike many other manufacturers, our swivel is completely rebuildable. The Seal Kit is usually all that is needed. Two bearings are utilized within the swivel kit. The Shaft, if bent or broken, is replaceable although this is not typical. When you ask for Whisper Wash® by name you receive a system that can be maintained over time.

What is a balanced spray bar and how does it affect a flat surface cleaner?

Whisper Wash® is the only manufacturer to provide a balanced and machined spray bar. The precise design and tested engineering built into every machined spray bar provides for longer bearing and seal life by eliminating unbalanced rotation. The spray tips are also always at the correct angle with the balanced rotation of the spray bar. It is superior to the pipe nipple and hydraulic spray bars provided by other manufacturers which are almost impossible to maintain a consistent balanced rotation over time.

Can I use hot water when cleaning with a Whisper Wash® System?

Yes, without any problem. The entire product line of Whisper Wash® Professional Rotary Spray Systems may be used with either hot or cold water.

What type of spray tips are supplied with the machines?

Whisper Wash(TM) uses standard 1/4 meg tips. The Big Guyis shipped with 25025 tips. The Classic, Ground Force , Aqua Pro and Ultra Clean machines are equipped with 2502 tips. Other sizes may be used.

How does the spray bar rotate under the cover?

Whisper Wash® utilizes double row thrust bearings within the swivel system of each machine to facilitate the smooth rotation of the spray bar by water pressure. The bearing surface area is two to four times greater than most industry flat surface cleaners providing greater rotational power.

What are the covers made out of?

Classic: Xenoy plastic. This is the same type of material car bumpers are made of. However the Whisper Wash® Classic cover is stronger with a rating of 350,000 PSI tensile strength.

The Big Guy: Powder coated aluminum with steel axle assembly.

Ultra Clean: High impact ABS plastic.

Aqua Pro: High impact ABS plastic.

Ground Force: Powder coated aluminum with steel axle assembly.

How far are the tips from the ground?

The tips rotate approximately 1-1/2″ from the ground. This provides for consistent cleaning of flat surfaces without the nuisance of zebra striping.

What is the diameter that the water flows through?

The swivel shaft, as well as the spray bar is 3/8″ through center.

What about corrosion of machine parts?

Whisper Wash® uses only 6061 T6 Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and other corrosion resistant materials in building Professional Rotary Spray Systems.