cleaning large flat surface areas with The Big Guy, Ground Force and the Aqua Pro.
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Whisper Wash® provides a complete line of flat surface cleaners to the pressure washing industry.

Our initial commitment to quality is displayed in the superior engineering of the Whisper Wash® Classic. Additionally we offer you the added benefits of cleaning large flat surface areas with The Big Guy, Ground Force “Flip – N – Fold”, and the Aqua Pro, or the flexibility in design choices provided by the Lil’ Guy or our Ultra Clean line. Whisper Wash® pressure washing systems provide proven economical benefits to industrial pressure cleaning users throughout the world.

The Leading Provider of Professional
Rotary spray Systems Since 1995.
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I have used several differnet types of flat surface cleaners in my time. Simply put "The Big Guy" - The best surface cleaner I have ever used.

Mel - Vero Beach, Florida

I have a Ground Force surface cleaner that I use 8 hours per day, six days a week. It runs as smooth and quiet as the day I got it, which was 4 years ago. I'm doing 3 times the work in one day than I did just using the wand. I'm defintely spoiled

Allen - Knoxville, TN I have a Ground Force

This unit works great we use it on all our courts and they come out looking new. This is the best thing we got.

Ramon - Miami, Florida

I accidently ran over my Classic with my truck! The cover did not break but the bars off the cover bent and the brush frame bent. I thought was done! With a little from a vise and some vice grips I was back in business. That was months ago and 15 or so driveways. Well built!!!

Tim - Tallahassee, Florida

We have used one of our Whisper Washes 20 hours a week on and off for 5 years with little maintainance. I can't believe this machine has been so consistent and reliable for so long. When I did have a slight problem with it, I emailed the company and got a phone call here in Jamaica minutes after I sent the email. That's service!! We have looked at buying other units from other manufactures in the past but with a machine like this and service like that, why look anywhere else.

Annabelle - Kingston, Jamaica

I bought a 24 inch ground force and it works great. But recently I bought a 24 inch "Lazer Deck" from Envirospec (which BE pressure supply makes). It was a huge let down, because they said in their ad that a 3 bar system would clean 40% faster and more efficiently than a typical 2 arm system. Well when I pulled it out of the box and put it together I started it up and it was shaking like a wet dog, come to find out that one of the bars was a half an inch out of plane more

Timothy - Costa Mesa, California